Open Schools LA County

Students First Coalition of Los Angeles County is a partnership of private, independent, and faith-based kindergarten through twelfth-grade schools, parents, civic leaders, and physicians representing students and families from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds: urban and rural, large and small, rich, and poor. We collectively believe students can and should safely return to in-person, on-campus instruction with proper mitigations in place. We are determined to give a powerful voice to children and teenagers, for they are our most at-risk group of long-term, adverse developmental, social, and academic effects.

Since March, millions of American children have been prohibited from in-person instruction. The negative impacts of months of isolation have inflicted social, emotional, mental, and instructional harm on students and their families. The K-12 school community has complied with L. A. County Department of Public Health officials in solidarity in order to properly prepare COVID-19 mitigations for the responsible return to campus of our students, teachers, administrators, faculty, and staff. We have been patient, understanding, and willing to make sacrifices to satisfy Public Health orders though most children in Los Angeles County are only permitted to attend childcare, preschool, and day camps.

Please read and consider signing an open letter to Governor Newsom telling him it’s time to put students back in the classroom.

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